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About us


It has been almost 20 years ago, yet I clearly remember the day I was brought into the “all hands on deck” leadership meeting of a Fortune 100 company to determine how to grow the company’s sales and profits. We needed to identify some good growth strategies that would positively impact our profits and stock price.

After an all day meeting, we really came up with nothing that would lead us to make a significant step forward. I bet you have been in one of these meetings too. I did not sleep at all that night, thinking we had no way forward to really grow.

That was the last time I ever felt like that. I have spent the last 20 years successfully growing companies, and in this website I summarize the five best approaches to dramatically grow your company. The bottom line is they work. I do not want you to be without a strategy to dramatically grow your business. So, go ahead and grow. Use the five approaches of the Better Way.

You can capture dramatic growth. Just send me an email at, and we can join your team in the way that best matches your needs. We care. We want both you and your customers to grow dramatically.