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Better Communication

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Better Communication

Seeing is believing and buying. People normally do not buy something if they do not see it. You buy what you like – and “like” usually means you can see yourself using the product or service in your lifestyle. So show your product or service in various lifestyle settings for different types of customers. How do you show your product? —use imagery and send pictures to your customers and have a visual dialogue with your customers. Statistics show that comprehension and recall are doubled with images versus words.

You can see how this is accomplished at Visuals are being used more and more in our everyday communication. So use your product visuals everyday in direct communication with your customers and let them talk with images back to you.

In this sped up world, we can use Visual Talking communication at the fast speed that customers use, with all the visually dense information they need to make the buying decision. See the published article on how to use Better Communication and Better Closing together in the food industry.