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The Better Way

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The Better Way

Just say, “I want to grow.” Not just a little. But say, “I want to grow two to four times what I am right now.” That is a doable goal. Because of the number of questions that initially arise, the first step always seems the hardest step.

Where to start? Should I focus on what is wrong and improve that? Should I focus on something new? Do I have the right people or support or resources? What happens if I mess up and we get worse? And all these questions lead to a potential negative scenario, so drop the questions and get them out of your mind. Instead, demand you get better. Yes, you can do it—easily!

Simply focus on the basics and build on them, and you will easily reach this growth goal. The basics are the most important. You do not have to reengineer them, fire them, or dramatically change them. In fact, do not focus on reengineering or “re” anything—rather, focus on building. Just figure out what the basics are and add to them, invigorate them. We think the basics that allow you to dramatically grow are as simple as what you say to the customer (Better Closing and Better Communication), how you live with the customer (Better Progression), and how you make and improve your decisions (Better Decision Making and Better Online Operations). It’s that simple.

This website gives an overview of the Better Way and the five Better step-by-step approaches that will allow you to dramatically grow and efficiently deliver to your customer base.

Most companies focus on themselves and how they can better deliver to their customers. This is a good approach in a world where you ship products for customers to use and make all those supportive processes efficient. In today’s world, where customers want unique, highly differentiate solutions with high value, you must figure out how to fully integrate into you customer every second and be with them – or as I like to say, “to live with your customer’.

Yes, you can have your personnel onsite at the customer site doing work side-by-side with customers, leading them.This could include accounting work, or it could be making sure your product or service fully integrates into theirs, or you could be training them, and so on. Or it could even include going with their product to their customer to ensure their customers are using all the products perfectly. When you are part their products both physically and socially with their customers, you are one with your customer, growing as they grow and adding to their growth as they grow. So, you grow with your customers.

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