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Better Closing

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Better Closing

If you want to increase revenue, you simply have to close more deals. There are so many “selling” and sales tools and techniques that can help you sell more. To truly double or triple your sales, you have to act differently and understand how your customers make buying decisions (Better Closing) and how they grow their own business (Better Progression).

Because today’s world is filled with a tremendous amount of choice and information, people feel compelled to talk with others before they make key buying decisions. This happens both at the office and at home. Very few people make buying decisions alone. So no matter how you sell to them and no matter what you say, they have to repeat your message to their bosses, peers and friends, and get their approval to make a “buy” decision. Your audience hasto be as good as you are about describing your product, its impact, and your way of working and doing businesswith them. That is a tall order to ask of them—to expect your potential customer be as good as you in just one or two conversations. The tall order gets worse when you consider the impact of the telephone game where they tell your message to someone else, who in turn tells the story to someone else, and so on. So, your message must be carried along through a maze of storytellers and then hopefully come back to you with a “yes I will buy”.

Sale tools and sales programs focus more on “selling” your initial contact. Better Closing focuses on assisting those you talk with on how to talk with others. Remembering what you said and then repeating the essence of what you said is not easy to do, and in fact, over 50% of your message will be lost each time it is repeated from memory. So,physically give your message to them so they to do not have to remember it, but they can repeat the essence clearly. After they repeat the message, they can give the message physically to their audience, so they, in turn, can physically repeat it. Now, this physically repeating the message is much easier for them to do. We call this physical manifestation of your message the Leave Behind.™